Lmao I have cramps so friggin bad today….



So we’re redoing the flooring now in the fam room, which means we’ve ripped up all the tiles and half the carpeting in there? And doing so has exposed the old glue and whatever that is from like …at newest 18? years ago, at oldest from the 60s. And when it’s humid tho it makes it fucking reek something awful

Well rn it’s like. 98% humidity 8”“”) I can barely breathe downstairs rn it’s SO GROSS!! I really wish dad would pick up the pace a little…

mrghhhh I wanna sleep more but this fucking bird outside keeps cawing…. I guess I’ll get up and eat bfast early and all, then u can go back to bed and nap before I’ve gotta get up

All I remember from whatever dreams I might’ve had last night was that at one point I yelled “I GO TO SLEEP AT ELEVEN NOW!!” uhhh


my kitten says hello


THANKS P4GA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven’t felt super up to drawing lately but let me tell u I have been writing some pretty intense fanfics in my head lately…..

Anyways work is tomorrow so gnight!


the lack of cuddling i am experiencing right now is upsetting